Saturday, January 31, 2009

no saturday! come back!

Today is over and I honestly can't even tell you what I've done today. I woke up, worked out, came home, showered, I'm here and it is 8:21. Thats it. What a waste, huh? Goll, I hate when I do that.
Here are just a couple patterns I drew out and finished today. Not very happy with the first one. It didn't turn out at all like I wanted it to. I definitely want to change up the colors a bit. Actually add some color. There is no color as it is. Maybe different shades of pinks and reds. You know, for Valentines Day. Maybe change the writing too...block instead of cursive... Maybe get rid of the border. I don't know. But I am going to attempt it again. :]
I need to fix the bird on the other one too. Right now, I'm going to go scrap! I can't let this day totally go to waste. After all, it is my last day of freedom for another week.


kayla said...

I love your blog!!! Those embroidery pieces are super cute!!! I have the 120 holga but I also have the 35mm adapter. The pics posted are 120mm format that's why they are square. I will definitely be back to visit your blog!