Wednesday, May 27, 2009

new found love!

Okay, so a couple months ago I posted a picture of a quilt kit that I was really excited to start. Well I started it back then...but all I did was cut the strips. Then it got shoved in the corner. Over this Memorial Day weekend I pulled it back out. And finished it! Well not quite. All thats left is the binding which I am working on tonight. After work on Sunday I came home and laid out all the strips, pinned the back and the batting together and then began sewing. I wasn't able to get too much done because it was late but I was hooked. I LOVE quilting!!! When I woke up Monday morning that was the first thing I wanted to do. I worked on it for 5 hours straight and finished it...well except for the binding.

I think my favorite part is the rick rack. :]

I'm ready to start my next one. I'm going to start cutting my squares out of the Heather Ross fabric I bought a month or so ago.

AND I just ordered some more fabric for ANOTHER quilt pattern that I saw at a store on Saturday. It should be showing up in the mail any day now.
I think this is probably one of those hobbies that I should not have gotten into...

My sister and I went and saw Earth last night. And the best part was that it only cost $3.50 for the both of us (mmhmm...gotta love buy-one-get-one-free coupons and Tuesday Bargain night at a cute little twin theatre). Okay so that wasn't the best part...the movie was the best part. More specifically, the polar bears were the best part. They were so cute. I wish I had one for a friend. The movie was beautiful and it made me glad that I'm not an animal. Nah, it really opened my eyes. It was good.
I'm recommending it to everyone.

And sadly, my holga film still hasn't come back. I was informed that it could take up to two more weeks. Seriously?!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

i tumble.

I'm officially into tumbling. Is that what you'd call it? No, not the crazy break-your-neck tumbling. I'm talking about tumblr And I love it.
Seriously, just what I need. Another internet addiction.
Its a place where I can keep everything that I find that I think rocks. Poems, quotes, videos, pictures, songs, anything that I find pretty, lovely and inspiring. It keeps me a little organized. I always find things that I just love, be it a quote, a picture, lyrics, or whatever and I've totally cluttered up my computer with random word documents filled with the above mentioned. So this will be nice. It will help me keep things tidy.
You can visit me here if you feel like it.
Okay, I just have to tell everyone how excited I am that I'm finally getting my first roll from my holga developed. I can't wait!! I dropped my film off today!! I think I've made every mistake possible on this roll of film, from accidental double exposures to leaving the lens cover on, so we'll see how it turns out...uh...if it turns out. I've forgotten how fun it is to use film...its been too long! I've forgotten how anxious and excited I get waiting for the pictures to come back. Its always a surprise! I just loaded my next roll of film...and I can't wait to get started taking more pictures!
I ran across some beautiful holga pictures today and just thought I'd share one of my favorites!

originally uploaded by Chet4.

Friday, May 15, 2009

this is random.

Yes, this post is filled with random, useless information.

I thought that now that I was through with school I'd be great at updating this. But I think I've actually gotten worse. Oh well.

Mother's Day was last Sunday so I wanted to give a shout out to my mom and to all the other wonderful mothers out there!

This is my mom and my beautiful grandmother. My mom was so little! :]

Mother's day also means that I got to talk to Andy. It was fabulous. I'm so grateful that his parents called and invited me over! He is doing awesome and I'm so proud of him. Just a few more months and he'll be back and then I'll be with him forever!

I've been having the most messed up dreams lately. Like bloody, gory dreams of people that I went to high school with getting cut up into little pieces and decapitated right before my eyes. So random and so weird. I'm think I'm going to start a dream journal. I need someone to interpret...I think I'm a little disturbed.

Now for a little TV talk...
First, American Idol. Well I'm excited for this coming Tuesday. I'm rooting for Kris. And Adam. :] But mostly Kris.
Adam has grown on me. His music is definitely not what I would listen to but he does have some amazing vocals. I love watching him perform because it is always a surprise. Out of the two, Kris is definitely more my type of artist.
Of course, for me, this season wasn't half as exciting as last season. I LOVED David Cook. Like really. I wanted to marry his voice. I still do actually. I listen to his cd everyday and thats not a lie.

Since I had to work last night I finished the season finales of The Office and Grey's Anatomy today.
The Office was great. It left me feeling a little sorry for Michael. And really happy for Pam and Jim. :]
I'm not going to say much about Grey's because I'm going to make Andy watch this season with me when he gets back home (and he will because he loves me) and I don't want to give anything away. But seriously?! George?! AH!

This song by Iron & Wine is one of my faves right now. Its been on repeat for a week straight.

Well I'm out.
Happy weekend!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

waterfall adventure.

I went on a very good adventure yesterday.
Sarah and Alex let me tag along.
After Sarah got off work we made our way up to the waterfalls in Willard. We didn't know where to go but we found the trail quick enough.

Everything was going pretty smoothly once we got past that first initial climb (Sarah, it really wasn't THAT bad!).
But then Sarah spotted something moving way up above one of the waterfalls. We thought it was a cougar but we weren't sure so we kept going. It was really far away anyway.
Our next challenge came when we reached the stream...wait, the river. I'm going to call it a river because stream just doesn't do it justice. We had to cross if we wanted to keep going. And the only way we could get across was by jumping onto a rock that was sitting in the middle and then wading to the other side. The water was freezing cold, it was deep and it was going way too fast. Me and Sarah sat there forever trying to decide what we wanted to do. I told them to go on without me. I'm not much of a jumper. Alex had already made it across and told us to stop being babies. We looked everywhere to see if there was a different way. Sarah went downstream while I tried my skills at rock climbing, but our attempts were to no avail.

Finally Sarah had a brilliant idea! We made our own bridge! We found a log downstream, pulled it out of the river and carried it back up the trail. And it worked! We were able to get onto the rock! Then poor Alex had to carry me and Sarah on his back from the rock through the freezing cold water to the other side of the river.

Speaking of the river, we found this guy by the river.

He was cute. I would've liked to meet him but he was on the opposite side. I think he would've liked to meet me too.

It was so pretty once we finally made it up there! Very much worth the hike. I only wish we would have been able to get closer.

I want to go hiking again.

Friday, May 1, 2009

selling textbooks can be dangerous.

So embarrassing things happen to everyone on a periodic basis, right? Like, say if you haven't had anything embarrassing happen to you for a few months, you know you're in for something sometime soon, right?

Well, I had my moment today.

Today had been great. I got to crochet and watch the Tale of Despereaux (which is so cute, by the way), catch up on Grey's anatomy, eat peanut m&ms and make a little money thanks to my textbooks and
And that is what caused my accident. Selling textbooks on Amazon.
You see, I was getting the package ready to send and I was in a hurry since the post office was going to close in about 30 minutes. So I'm in the house getting everything together when I realize that I left the packaging tape out in my car. So I run down the stairs and make my way to the front door. As I'm flying down the stairs I'm thinking to myself, "Why don't I just finish getting it ready and then I can just tape it up when I get to the post office?" As I throw the front door open, my brain is telling my feet two different things. It told my left foot, "Nah, just go get the packaging tape now. Might as're halfway to your car already." And it told my right foot, "Yeah, turn around and finish getting the package ready. You can tape it up at the post office."
I'm sure you can imagine what happened next.

Next thing I know, I'm flying through the air, arms flailing. I trip on the first step and am airborne for what seemed like forever. Then I hit the next two steps and skidded to a halt on the grass. Yes, skidded.
Now, it really wouldn't have been that bad had all the neighbors not been outside doing yardwork. And had the cars not been driving by.
But they were.
Now did anyone see? Probably so. But I wouldn't know. I jumped up just as fast as I tripped and ran back into the house. My knees and legs had been skinned and so had the knuckles on my right hand. Blood was pouring down my right leg. But it didn't hurt, I didn't feel any pain...not right then.
The stinging and burning didn't start until awhile later...after the embarrassment wore off.

Three hours, two monster bandages and a lot of neosporin later, I'm feeling good.
And just so you know, I still made it to the post office in time. :]

Well hopefully this means I'm free of embarrassing moments for at least another couple months.


ps. I'd love to hear someone else's embarrassing stories. Just to make myself feel a little bit better.
Please entertain me.