Tuesday, March 3, 2009

happy tuesday!

Finally an update!
This has the potential to be a very long post. Just a warning.

What a happy happy day! First off, the weather has been lovely! So nice and warm! I could feel spring in the air.
And I got an 81% on my test! That was way better than what I thought I would get! Wahoo!

I thought maybe I'd give a little update on Andy. He is doing fabulous. He is loving it over in Slovakia and is picking up the language again rather quickly. This is a picture he sent me a few weeks ago of Taylor picking him up from the train station in Bratislava. Andy had so much fun serving with him! The next one is a picture of him with the letter that I sent him a few days after he left. Mail is slow. It takes about two weeks but is still fun to get anyway! A little romantic don't you think? This is him on Main Street...tons of shops on both sides and the Bratislava castle in the distant background.
My birthday was a few Tuesdays ago. I didn't do much to celebrate. Took a test, stayed at home and ate grilled ham and cheese sandwiches (my favorite!) with my mom while we watched American Idol. Later that night we went and got a Banana Cream Pie shake at the Yogurt Factory (mmm...again, my favorite!). It was a good night. Oh! And I can't forget about my trip to St. George. It was fun, I only wish it would have been warmer. I'll be headed down there again when it warms up! My dad, brother, and I went down there over Valentines Day weekend. Jason had some baseball games (...I mostly went just to see Sarah). I ate lots of ice pops and chocolate, climbed on red rocks, did homework, went out to eat way too much and had too much fun with my action sampler (can't wait to get them developed!). I never realized how big St. George really is.

I participated in a cake decorating class the past three Wednesdays. After all, cake decorating is on my life list. But WOW! I didn't realize how much there is to learn! The first week we just learned a little bit about frosting and it's consistency and how to use the parchment triangles to make bags. We practiced making circles, teardrops, lines, etc. The second week we learned how to make flowers. We learned how to make the apple blossom, the violet, the drop flower, and the rose. And then just this last week we all brought frosted cupcakes, learned how to do borders on them, and then added our flowers. We had a bunch of little cupcake bouquets. It was so much fun! I definitely want to learn more and take a more in depth class sometime in the near future. :]

Ha, in this first picture I've totally got the tip turned the wrong way. But...you get the idea.
The leaves are my favorite. They're so simple!
Ta da! This is my first and only (semi-)successful rose. Yay! I've got a lot of practicing to do.
Okay enough of this, I've got to get outside and soak up some of that warmth before it runs away :]


B and J said...

Kristin I freaking love your blog. You are giving me so many great ideas, I am sure I will copy you many times. Where is Andy, I don't get it (missionary tag on)????