Monday, July 28, 2008

Bear Lake Adventure

Oh my goodness! I actually got a little vacation last week. And it felt soooo good! It was long overdue. I have not done ANYTHING since our family trip to Oregon last year so this past week was nice. Anyway, it started on Wednesday. I went up to Bear Lake with Andy for his family reunion. Now, I have never actually been to Bear Lake. Well thats a lie. I've been to Bear Lake but I've never actually been out on the lake. Make sense? At least not that I remember. Anyway, I had a blast! The first day we did a little golfing. Not we, I guess, but Andy and his dad. Shelley and I just sat in the cart. Still, it was fun. Then we got to our condo, met up with the rest of the family and unpacked everything. Of course that night after dinner we played games. It was a blast. The next day was a water day. We were at the lake from 10 in the morning to 6. We had rented a boat that everyone took turns on throughout the day. So much fun! I hardly ever get to go boating so this was a big deal to me. And guess what?! I totally tried out the tube! I had to gather up all the courage I had inside me, but I did it. Goll, I'm so proud of myself! That night was a game night again. Game nights are always fun! :] On Friday Andy and I woke up extra early to go running. Unfortunately he died at about 1.5 miles so I had to finish it up without him. We got back to the condo in time to sit on the bench and watch the sun rise. It was beautiful. Back up at the condo we packed up and got ready to go to Minnetonka Cave. When we got to the cave, we found out that there was a 4 HOUR WAIT! We decided to just leave. We stopped at La Beau's for a raspberry shake on the way home. Mmm...delicious! And that concludes my Bear Lake Adventure. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. And I'd definitely go again in a heartbeat. On Saturday, Andy came with my family on a picnic up to Willow Flats. It was super fun. The day consisted of a picnic, a long 4wheeler ride, and a hike to the mountain springs. It was beautiful. We're planning on going back in a few weeks to camp out. I can't wait!