Sunday, March 15, 2009

spring break

Spring break is always a wonderful time of year. But this one didn't start out so good. 15 inches of new snow. Serious. But its finishing up rather nicely. Its pretty warm today. My brother and I went and played tennis and it felt so good to soak up some of that warm happiness. And good news: This week is supposed to bring us some more.
Now for even more good news: I'm finished with my clinical hours. And the very first thing I did was paint my fingernails bright red! We can have our fingernails painted while at the hospital but the polish can't be chipped. So of course I don't even attempt. My fingernail polish chips within the first two minutes of painting them. Anyway, now that my clinicals are done I have an extra twenty four hours a week. That is a whole day! I've been using my time wisely by placing at least two hours aside each day for some studying and flash-card-making time. I'll take my boards either the last week in April or first part of May so I've got to get cracking down on that studying. I don't want to deal with the procrastination or last-minute-cramming.
Besides studying, I've done some deep cleaning in my room. Some spring cleaning. And boy, have I gotten a lot cleaned out, a lot thrown away. I'm almost embarassed to say this but I still had my chemistry and physics workbooks from high school! What I was saving them for, I'll never know.
I've also been using my extra time to work on my art journal, my family history project and other random crafts. Here are a couple pages I did yesterday:

And this is a piece I made that was inspired by the wonderful film The Wizard of Oz. The colors are showing up a little yucky but I promise you there is a green, blue and purple stripe, even though it looks like blue, blue and blue.And this is what I'm going to work on this afternoon:
It is going to be my first attempt at a quilt. I'm so excited! My mom gave me this kit for Christmas and I am so in love with the fabric.


Carson.J.Designs said...

hi! I love those fabrics and the ric-rack cant wait to see how it turns out!!

quilting is addicting, just a warning ;)

Michelle ... & Dave :) said...

sad i saw my chemistry and physics workbooks in my room a couple weeks ago. we are nerds :)