Friday, April 3, 2009

happy friday!

Well well well...its been awhile since I've shown this blog some love.

First off, I just have to say that Google Reader is the best.

I'm in love with this man's artwork.

I love this swimsuit that I just got yesterday!
And sketchbooks rock. I just bought like four of them and I guarantee I'll use them right up. Right now, I'm using one for my quote/picture book. I love quotes and I've had the hardest time finding a fun way to keep them (somewhat) organized. This sketchbook does the trick.

I just mod-podged some paper on the front and covered the spiral binding with some fabric and voilà! I love it!

Also, as of late, I've been obsessed with fabric. After much contemplating, I ordered this fabric that I've been in love with and I about DIED when I went to the mailbox today and found it waiting for me! Seriously, I've been in love with the Heather Ross Mendocino collection since it first came out. I finally splurged and bought enough of it to make a quilt with. I can't wait!
I had to control myself so I wouldn't buy anymore fabric...this store has the cutest fabric!
And can I just say that getting packages in the mail is the best! Its like Christmas all over again!

Well I'm out!

I'll leave you with my new favorite song at the moment!

i want her dress.
and i want to dress up in balloons
and white tights
and dance around in clouds of colored smoke. :]

Have a fabulous weekend! :]


Breakfast at Tiffany's said...

May you be happy!

Jacki Lee said...

kristen i love that fabric.. you should just make me a blanket... so i need your help miss creative... so im just going to text you within the next few days cause ill probably forget after this message... but ps YOURE NEAT!

B and J said...

MMMM love the suit :)