Thursday, May 21, 2009

i tumble.

I'm officially into tumbling. Is that what you'd call it? No, not the crazy break-your-neck tumbling. I'm talking about tumblr And I love it.
Seriously, just what I need. Another internet addiction.
Its a place where I can keep everything that I find that I think rocks. Poems, quotes, videos, pictures, songs, anything that I find pretty, lovely and inspiring. It keeps me a little organized. I always find things that I just love, be it a quote, a picture, lyrics, or whatever and I've totally cluttered up my computer with random word documents filled with the above mentioned. So this will be nice. It will help me keep things tidy.
You can visit me here if you feel like it.
Okay, I just have to tell everyone how excited I am that I'm finally getting my first roll from my holga developed. I can't wait!! I dropped my film off today!! I think I've made every mistake possible on this roll of film, from accidental double exposures to leaving the lens cover on, so we'll see how it turns out...uh...if it turns out. I've forgotten how fun it is to use film...its been too long! I've forgotten how anxious and excited I get waiting for the pictures to come back. Its always a surprise! I just loaded my next roll of film...and I can't wait to get started taking more pictures!
I ran across some beautiful holga pictures today and just thought I'd share one of my favorites!

originally uploaded by Chet4.


Jacki Lee said...

oh kristen you need to go to iaa... interent addicts anonomous. but your crazy! but i want to see your pictures! i bet they rock. im way jealous... we need to do another play date!