Friday, May 15, 2009

this is random.

Yes, this post is filled with random, useless information.

I thought that now that I was through with school I'd be great at updating this. But I think I've actually gotten worse. Oh well.

Mother's Day was last Sunday so I wanted to give a shout out to my mom and to all the other wonderful mothers out there!

This is my mom and my beautiful grandmother. My mom was so little! :]

Mother's day also means that I got to talk to Andy. It was fabulous. I'm so grateful that his parents called and invited me over! He is doing awesome and I'm so proud of him. Just a few more months and he'll be back and then I'll be with him forever!

I've been having the most messed up dreams lately. Like bloody, gory dreams of people that I went to high school with getting cut up into little pieces and decapitated right before my eyes. So random and so weird. I'm think I'm going to start a dream journal. I need someone to interpret...I think I'm a little disturbed.

Now for a little TV talk...
First, American Idol. Well I'm excited for this coming Tuesday. I'm rooting for Kris. And Adam. :] But mostly Kris.
Adam has grown on me. His music is definitely not what I would listen to but he does have some amazing vocals. I love watching him perform because it is always a surprise. Out of the two, Kris is definitely more my type of artist.
Of course, for me, this season wasn't half as exciting as last season. I LOVED David Cook. Like really. I wanted to marry his voice. I still do actually. I listen to his cd everyday and thats not a lie.

Since I had to work last night I finished the season finales of The Office and Grey's Anatomy today.
The Office was great. It left me feeling a little sorry for Michael. And really happy for Pam and Jim. :]
I'm not going to say much about Grey's because I'm going to make Andy watch this season with me when he gets back home (and he will because he loves me) and I don't want to give anything away. But seriously?! George?! AH!

This song by Iron & Wine is one of my faves right now. Its been on repeat for a week straight.

Well I'm out.
Happy weekend!


Jacki Lee said...

i watchted the office today too... i cried when jim cried.. hes so adorable! and i heard about greys... yikes thats crazy..
and i dont think you can marry a voice but its just my opinion. and ive loved kris from the getgo... you better not be a bandwagoner with him... there are alot of people who are changing their mind and its driving me crazy... OH and i hope you havent had a dead dream about me thatd be uncool... but i have pretty crazy dreams myself we should write a dream book even though mine arent so um morbid as yours hahah well this comment is super long i love it but yeah well see ya later!

Michelle ... & Dave :) said...

i hope i don't get chopped up in your dreams!