Friday, May 1, 2009

selling textbooks can be dangerous.

So embarrassing things happen to everyone on a periodic basis, right? Like, say if you haven't had anything embarrassing happen to you for a few months, you know you're in for something sometime soon, right?

Well, I had my moment today.

Today had been great. I got to crochet and watch the Tale of Despereaux (which is so cute, by the way), catch up on Grey's anatomy, eat peanut m&ms and make a little money thanks to my textbooks and
And that is what caused my accident. Selling textbooks on Amazon.
You see, I was getting the package ready to send and I was in a hurry since the post office was going to close in about 30 minutes. So I'm in the house getting everything together when I realize that I left the packaging tape out in my car. So I run down the stairs and make my way to the front door. As I'm flying down the stairs I'm thinking to myself, "Why don't I just finish getting it ready and then I can just tape it up when I get to the post office?" As I throw the front door open, my brain is telling my feet two different things. It told my left foot, "Nah, just go get the packaging tape now. Might as're halfway to your car already." And it told my right foot, "Yeah, turn around and finish getting the package ready. You can tape it up at the post office."
I'm sure you can imagine what happened next.

Next thing I know, I'm flying through the air, arms flailing. I trip on the first step and am airborne for what seemed like forever. Then I hit the next two steps and skidded to a halt on the grass. Yes, skidded.
Now, it really wouldn't have been that bad had all the neighbors not been outside doing yardwork. And had the cars not been driving by.
But they were.
Now did anyone see? Probably so. But I wouldn't know. I jumped up just as fast as I tripped and ran back into the house. My knees and legs had been skinned and so had the knuckles on my right hand. Blood was pouring down my right leg. But it didn't hurt, I didn't feel any pain...not right then.
The stinging and burning didn't start until awhile later...after the embarrassment wore off.

Three hours, two monster bandages and a lot of neosporin later, I'm feeling good.
And just so you know, I still made it to the post office in time. :]

Well hopefully this means I'm free of embarrassing moments for at least another couple months.


ps. I'd love to hear someone else's embarrassing stories. Just to make myself feel a little bit better.
Please entertain me.


Jacki Lee said...

oh kristen... see karma comes and bits ya hard when you dont hang out with me... i wish i could help make ya feel better but nothin embarrassing ever happens to me so i have no stories... sorry

Breakfast at Tiffany's said...

so nice your blog is.

Mandi said...

Okay, without embarrassing moments, what would life be? haha I had a really embarrassing night last night. I'm thinking it is probably blog worthy. :)