Wednesday, May 13, 2009

waterfall adventure.

I went on a very good adventure yesterday.
Sarah and Alex let me tag along.
After Sarah got off work we made our way up to the waterfalls in Willard. We didn't know where to go but we found the trail quick enough.

Everything was going pretty smoothly once we got past that first initial climb (Sarah, it really wasn't THAT bad!).
But then Sarah spotted something moving way up above one of the waterfalls. We thought it was a cougar but we weren't sure so we kept going. It was really far away anyway.
Our next challenge came when we reached the stream...wait, the river. I'm going to call it a river because stream just doesn't do it justice. We had to cross if we wanted to keep going. And the only way we could get across was by jumping onto a rock that was sitting in the middle and then wading to the other side. The water was freezing cold, it was deep and it was going way too fast. Me and Sarah sat there forever trying to decide what we wanted to do. I told them to go on without me. I'm not much of a jumper. Alex had already made it across and told us to stop being babies. We looked everywhere to see if there was a different way. Sarah went downstream while I tried my skills at rock climbing, but our attempts were to no avail.

Finally Sarah had a brilliant idea! We made our own bridge! We found a log downstream, pulled it out of the river and carried it back up the trail. And it worked! We were able to get onto the rock! Then poor Alex had to carry me and Sarah on his back from the rock through the freezing cold water to the other side of the river.

Speaking of the river, we found this guy by the river.

He was cute. I would've liked to meet him but he was on the opposite side. I think he would've liked to meet me too.

It was so pretty once we finally made it up there! Very much worth the hike. I only wish we would have been able to get closer.

I want to go hiking again.