Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm back!

To blogworld that is. Unfortunately, I really didn't go anywhere.
I've just been feeling very blahhhh lately and very uninspired.
So this is going to be short.
But not to worry...I have other posts planned.
So I will be back again. And very soon this time.

Today I:

was happy.
ran 10 miles.
got kissed by the sun.
ate a lime popsicle.
wrote a letter.
became friends with a yellow butterfly.
drank too much diet coke.
made bran muffins.
decided I wanted to learn karate.
decided I'm going to open an etsy shop.

I'll leave you with this awesome time lapse video my sister made. She's awesome. And so are time lapse videos. I think I'm going to make one someday.


Jacki Lee said...

that is a way cool video i want to make one! but not a lame rain one... kristen your journals are so awesome... good thing you stole my idea from me... score!
ps you missed out on bear lake...

Breakfast at Tiffany's said...

So beautiful they are!